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    Narayanganj Bangladesh


    Narayanganj District (Bengali: নারায়ণগঞ্জ জেলা pronounced: Naraeongônj Jela) is a district in central Bangladesh, part of the Dhaka Division. The ancient city of Sonargan is in Naryanganj. Its located in the bank of Meghna and Shytolkha River. The main center of the district is Naryanganj City. Its adjuncts with are the capital city of Dhaka. Narayanganj is one of the oldest industrial District of Bangladesh. It is also a center of business and industry, especially the jute trade and processing plants, and the textile sector of the country. It is nicknamed the Dundee of Bangladesh due to the presence of many jute mills. Dundee was the first industrialized "Juteopolis" in the world. It is number one district for the economy of Bangladesh

    Jobs available from - Narayanganj

    Meghna Group
    Full Time Open Narayanganj Salary: Negotiable
    Dockyard and Engineering Works Limited
    Temporary Open Narayanganj Salary: ৳1200 /Per Day
    District Commissioner office
    Temporary Expired Narayanganj Salary: ৳9300 - ৳22490 /Per Month